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Sectors : Industrial

Icarus light steel framing can be utilised in various ways within the industrial sector ranging from infill schemes, cladding solutions, mezzanine floors and internal multi-storey offices within larger structures.


The lightweight nature of our steel also means that for infernal offices, multi-storey solutions can be offered using the existing slab. This eliminates the requirement to expose and construct new foundations, which minimises expenses and time.

Case Studies

Research Facility Insulated Ceiling and Access Floor

Research Facility Insulated Ceiling and Access Floor

Location: Cleveland
Client: Johnson Matthew
Client Johnson Matthew approached us to create a solution – they wished to locate a research facility within a large existing workshop. Intrusive steel trusses supported the high vaulted roof as the cost to remove and replace the roof was not viable. The design team relished the challenge and using 12 metre long light steel trusses, they loaded onto existing overhead crane runners to create an inner insulated ceiling/access floor. This construction project demonstrates the outstanding design flexibility and the strength-to-weight ratio light steel framing can deliver.