Energy Efficient, Zero Waste


Steel in general and LSF in particular is ideally suited to meet today’s environmental challenges, such as the need to conserve energy and other finite resources.

Steel technology addresses the key environmental challenges of:


  • A typical UK two-storey house (of 100sq.m floor area) constructed in steel framing consumes up to 30% less energy in service than a traditional building, leading to less CO2 production.
  • Embodied energy is minimised: the steel use is typically only 40kg/m2 floor area.
  • Cost-effective high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation are achievable, e.g. U value 0.15W/m°C, airtightness level 2, >60dB sound reduction.
  • Use of LSF assists towards ‘zero energy’ building status, alongside renewable energy systems such as photovoltaics.
  • Lower energy use on-site plus reduced transport requirement to site.
  • A flexible structure that is easily extended or modified, thus reducing future energy demands.


Steel technology addresses the key environmental challenges in terms of materials and resources.

  • Steel is rated A or A+ in the BRE’s Green Guide to Housing Specification 2007 and meets Code for Sustainable Homes standards.
  • Steel is 100% recyclable.  It can be recycled multiple times with current technology, without any degradation in terms of properties or performance.
  • Relative to traditional build, LSF reduces material use by up to 30% compared to brick-clad, and by up to 70% when using lightweight cladding.
  • The value of components is maintained when the building is dismantled.
  • Transport to site is minimised by pre-fabrication and ‘just in time’ deliveries.
  • Off-site manufacture means minimal site waste, if any, with no landfill requirement. All waste is recycled.
  • Steel components are inert and do not deteriorate or lead to waste.
  • Non-combustible steel does not add to the fire load and does not produce toxic fumes.
  • Water use minimised by the ‘dry’ process on site.


  • All factory-produced steel is 100% recyclable.  Icarus holds an A+ Green Guide rating as well as a zero waste-to-landfill policy, contributing towards any BREAAM or similar project requirements.
  • 90% of steel in demolition projects is recycled and re-used.
  • 50% of current European steel production is from recycled sources.
  • No waste charges as materials are not sent to landfill.
  • Addresses political and public pressure for environmentally sustainable solutions.