Perfect Structural Solutions

Icarus LSF is a design, manufacture and installation company offering high quality supply inline with DFMA (Design For Manufacture and Assembly) for the construction industry
. We provide uncompromising service, value, quality and technical support.

We work closely with our clients to foster long-term partnerships. This is achieved through our wealth of expertise and innovation, guiding our clients through the lightweight steel frame (LSF) construction process. Our team of in-house experts has over two decades of experience in LSF, and we offer services ranging from the supply of single components to the design, manufacture and installation of large multi-storey schemes throughout the UK.

LSF Advantages

With numerous advantages due to its lightweight nature, LSF is also the most innovative construction solution to date, and one that Icarus is proud to offer. In comparison to traditional building materials, such as bricklaying and the use of timber frames, LSF is lower in cost, has a higher strength-to-weight ratio and creates an overall safer structure with lower levels of maintenance.

A simple and cost-effective option, Light Steel Framing provides significant benefits for your business and remains the most sustainable method of construction within the manufacturing industry.


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