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Our steel solutions provide an ideal alternative to the construction of hotel accommodation. The speed of build aligned with quality is ideally suited for this type of build whereby Icarus can help you achieve multi-floor options with up to eight or nine levels, typically above a podium level.

The stability of our steel framing also means that external works can progress as the building goes up. This dramatically reduces programme time and presents savings on items such as external scaffolding and crane hire. The inherent stability of light steel framing also gives the client confidence over the lifecycle of the building whereby maintenance costs, due to movement and settlement, are minimal in comparison to alternative building methods.

Case Studies

Hotel Refurbishment and Extension

Hotel Refurbishment and Extension

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Client: Meldrum Construction Services
Icarus supplied prefabricated panels with a factory fitted cement particle board, floor cassettes, and lattice beams for a large hotel extension in central Newcastle. This provided a rapid dry envelope to allow internal trades access at the earliest opportunity.
We also provided training for the client’s workforce as they completed the installation process. The prefabricated frame sizes were specifically designed for easy movement by hand on a confined site. Each steel component was individually referenced and inkjet labelled, to a detailed construction drawing. Because of a lack of storage on this inner city site daily sequenced deliveries ensured that all components delivered were erected the same day. Our technical team were on hand to provide continuous support during the build.