Intelligent Technology

LSF Products

A sustainable and modern method of construction, LSF offers a new level of flexibility. All Icarus components are precision-engineered by our CAD technicians, who directly upload panel designs to our machines and adapt each individual piece to your design, providing load bearing or stud and track solutions. These are assembled under factory controlled conditions to ISO9001.

We work with you to create the perfect steel frame to achieve your specific dimensions, using our stud, track, frame and lattice to create curved elevations, parapets, canopies, roofing designs, atriums and more. This method produces steel components that are ready for assembly, which reduces any on-site cutting and minimises waste.

Detailed assembly drawings accompany each individual component to assist your construction team. Each product is also tested through a robust quality management system which is BS EN ISO9001: 2008 accredited.

Technical and design support is available, as we can incorporate complex design features such as bay windows, curved walls and lift shafts.

Stud & Track


Lattice Panels