Market Leading. Quality Assured


To date Icarus LSF Ltd has gained and maintains the following accreditations:

  • IS9001
  • CE Marking
  • CHAS accreditation
  • NHBC Stage 1 certification

As part of our company’s best practice, we continually work towards meeting our prospective clients’ health and safety standards. CHAS accreditation ensures our company health and safety policies and procedures are to an industry acceptable standard, providing ressurance for our clients. The benefits of CHAS include:

CE marking provides a declaration that all Icarus products meet the requirements of the applicable EC directives. It indicates compliance with EU Legislation of products, wherever they are manufactured, and enables free movement within the European market. The benefits of CE Marking include:

ISO 9001 is a certified quality management system (QMS), which allows our company to consistently provide products and services which meet the needs of our clients, from design concept to structural completion.

Icarus’ quality management system is evaluated against ISO standards of requirement. This demonstrates and verifies our compliance and allows us to go the extra mile within promoting our company’s commitment to quality, traceability and our continuous improvement. The benefits of ISO 9001 include:

ISO also promotes responsibility from our workforce across all sectors, to ensure the quality of our product and the service we provide. Our manufactured components are continually quality checked - both during and after assembly to avoid nonconforming products reaching the client. This enables Icarus to adhere to our company policy of: ‘Quality First, Quality Matters, Quality Lasts’.